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YAKERS, keeping dogs occupied for longer.

Made to an ancient Himalayan recipe, perfected over hundreds of years from our 100% natural ingredient, yak milk. YAKERS are the ultimate 100% natural dog chew and occupier that will have your dog wagging their tail in delight!

Crafted with care, these chews not only provide endless entertainment but also offer a range of health benefits for dogs. With YAKERS, you can bid farewell to plaque and tartar troubles, as these chews promote dental hygiene. Packed with the goodness of protein and calcium, they ensure a nourishing treat for your dog. Best of all, these chews are low in fat, and free from preservatives and gluten, catering to the dietary needs of your dog.

What sets YAKERS apart is their extra long-lasting nature, offering pet parents the benefit of a distracted dog when tasks need to be done. A good chewing session can also help prevent destructive chewing behaviour for anxious dogs and puppies, helping pet parents save their furniture and shoes.

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