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We are happy to announce that we now stock raw dog food! We currently stock Durham Animal Feeds Minces and Frozen Treats!

Our Pricelist

Standard Blocks- £1.65 per block, or a box 14 blocks for £22! 

Rabbit, Venison, Quail and Goat Blocks- £1.90 per block, or a box of 14 blocks for £25!


Frozen Treats 

Chicken Feet (1kg) - £4.50

Duck Feet (1kg) - £4.50

Beef Chunks (1kg) - £5.25

Sprats (1kg) -£5.25

How to order?

Currently we do not have the available packaging to be able to post our raw food and treats out to our customers who may not be local to us! We are working on getting that sorted so keep an eye out here for any updates!

If you are local to us (Corby) we will be able to deliver any raw food or treats to you! Send us an email or pop us a message on any of our social media pages to place your orders!

For a full list of all the mince proteins we are stocking or if you need any information and advice with raw feeding then feel free to pop us a message and we will help you.

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