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Trachea Cuts

Trachea Cuts

Cut Tracheas are hollow chews made from the windpipe of a cow, their shape allows them to be filled and stuffed with a range of other products such as your dogs dinner, pate etc making them last longer! 


Beef Tracheas help promote good joint health as they contain high concentrations of the compunds Glucosamine and chondroitin these are the building blocks of joint cartilage helping to relieve symptons in dogs who may suffer from osteoarthritis and conditions such as hip dyslplatia. 


Beef Tracheas also help to promote dental hygiene they are tough and ridged so as your dog chews the abrasive action will help to remove plaque and food buildup from your dogs teeth!


Nutritional Analysis


Crude Protein 49%, Crude Fat 21%, Crude Fibre 6%, Moisture 5%


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