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Pork Rind Rolls/Bars

Pork Rind Rolls/Bars

Pork rolls are perfect for those that love to gnaw and chew on treats for a longer period of time. Pork is filled with many minerals and vitamins that are very beneficial to your dog's diet. Things like Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamins B6, B1 (also known as Thiamine), B12 which are essential for supporting a healthy brain and immune system, formation of red blood cells, brain function and carbohydrate metabolism.

Pork Rolls have a natural tough texture to them which your dog will love! Chewing is great for dogs and is a fantastic way to keep them entertained, allow them to gnaw and chew away on a Pork roll and absorb all flavours and benefits of pork, while it provides a safe outlet for potentially stressed or bored dogs or even destructive tendencies.


Analytical Constituents

Protein 61.2%, Fat 21.3%, Ash 18.5%

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