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Hairy Rabbit Ears

Hairy Rabbit Ears

Available as a single treat, Box of 15 or a Box of 30! Rabbit ears are highly nutritious for dogs, they are high in protein which is excellent for maintaining healthy muscles, hair and skin and many other bodily functions! 


Rabbit ears can provide your dog with some unique health benefits such as: Improved Dental Health as your dog chews the rabbit ears create an abrasive action that helps to remove plaque and food build up! Improved Digestion as the hair travels through the intestines it gently brushes away trapped, undigested food which in turn improves the intestines ability to absorb nutrients! Improved Anal Gland Health the hair contains fibre which helps to firm up stools! firmer stools will help squeeze your dogs anal glands which will result in fewer impactions and infections!


Nutritional Analysis


Protein 52.2%, Fat 21.3%, Ash 17%

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