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Cristalinas Fresh Air Refill 2x30ml

Cristalinas Fresh Air Refill 2x30ml

Help take care of the environment with our 30ml Pet Odour Eliminating diffuser refill fragrances. Our Pet diffuser fragrances have our patented ScentSilent molecule which neutralises bad odours leaving a lasting fresh fragrance. Each pack has 2x30ml fragrance bottles and 10 reeds (5 per refill). Refill your empty diffuser, replace the reeds and the diffuser will slowly release fragrance for at least 4 weeks, evenly scenting a small room. Using a delicate blend of natural essential oils and 0% alcohol the diffuser will continue to fragrance your room until the last drop of oil has evaporated.


Fresh Air

A subtle fragrance which fills the room with a cool, fresh scent.


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