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Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Available in 50g or 100g packs, These wings contain only a tiny bone! They are dehydrated at a low temperature which results in the bone becoming crumbly instead of splintering! Chicken wings are nutritious and delicious!


Chicken wings help promote good joint health as they are full of connective tissue, ligaments  and cartliage which are a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin these are the building blocks of joint cartilage helping to relive symptons in dogs who may siffer from oesteoarthritis!


Chicken Wings also help to maintain good dental hygiene. The bone in the chicken wing acts as a source of calcium and when your dog crunches through the bone it causes a mild abrasive action on the tooth which can result in the removal of plaque and food buildup! 


Chicken Wings are low in cholesterol and contain some healthy minerals and vitamins such as high levels of calcium and vitamin B's which help to support the bodys natural meabolism processes.


Nutritional Analysis


Protein 55.9%, Fat 15.1%, Fibre 4.4%, Ash 16.1%

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