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Box of the Week

Box of the Week

Inside this box you will find: 1x Hairy Roe Deer Leg, 1x Sheep Fat Filled Hoof, 1x Trachea Cut, 1x Chicken Chewllagen Donut, 1x 200g Beef Pate, 1x Beef Chewllagen Roll, 1x Sausage Stick, 1x Duck Foot, 1x Gourmet Burger, 1x Cow Ear

All of our boxes are made to order so you can be sure that all of the treats are fresh and tasty! If there are any treats in here you would like to replace then let us know and we can substitute it for another treat or take it away from the overall cost

Always supervise your dogs when they are eating any treats, make sure fresh drinking water is provided!


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