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LickiMat UFO

LickiMat UFO

Welcome to the future of pet enrichment with the LickiMat UFO! Designed to engage and entertain your furry companion, the LickiMat UFO is the ultimate boredom-busting solution.


Crafted with high-quality food grade rubber, this innovative UFO shaped mat transforms snack time into an interactive experience. Simply spread your pets favourite treats or spreads onto the mats textured surface and watch as they lick away stimulating their mind and satisfying their natural instincts.


The LickiMat UFO isnt just about fun its also about promoting dental health and reducing anxiety. The unique design encourages slower eating, which can aid in digestion and help prevent bloating and discomfort. Plus, the repetitive licking action releases endorphins helping to calm and relax your pet.


Easy to clean and dishwasher safe the LickiMat UFO is as convenient as it is effective, and with its freezer safe construction you can even create frozen treats for hot summer days.


Distract, entertain, reduce stress and anxiety with a LickiMat UFO Shower and Bath companion!



Keeps your dog distracted during bath time and grooming. Collects spills resulting in no messy floors! Sticks to any smooth surfaces with their suction cups on the back! Great for car rides or grooming/bath time!


Great for all sizes & breeds including puppies!


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