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Fish Box

Fish Box

Fish are an excellent source of omega oils for dogs, and provide a load of health benefits. You can’t get much healthier than fish skins. They are high in easily digestible, high-quality proteins, oils and fats. These contribute to the rich concentration of omega-3, which helps to improve heart, eye, brain, skin and joint health.

Fish skin treats take a bit of effort to crunch through, which enables them to act as a toothbrush to clean away the plaque from your dog’s teeth.

This box contains 1x Fish Pate, 50g of Fish Skin Flatties, 50g of Fish Skin Cubes, 50g of Sprats, 1x Salmon Roll, 3x Salmon Cookies, 2x Fish Skin Donuts, 1, Fish Skin Braid, 1x Fish Finger, 4x Fish Twists!


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